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“Go Therefore”

Seven Years living, serving, loving God and rejoicing in His great Love. We were busy sharing His love as Sunday school teacher, deacon, Pastor’s secretary, youth pastors, while feeding the homeless and evangelizing all in the Name of Jesus Christ. At this time in our lives we had Two beautiful Daughters ,our own home and great jobs. What more can we want? Is there more?

Reading a book on prayer showed me to pray, hear, and obey. Going to a conference showed me to give everything over to God, My life, my things, my home,my children…

After much prayer and fasting God showed up and revealed HIS truths. Walking into the Church building a handout was given to US. It read:

“Go into all the World and preach the Gospel to every Nation” Matthew 28:18-19

What does it mean? Where do we Go? What does preach the Gospel mean?

February 1991 – Ready or Not Here We Go!

” Go therefore….” To “go” simply means to live.

God is in charge. We trust and follow His lead in obedience.

Reveal His truths and love to all…

This is the beginning of many more beginnings.

Story of the Week:

So We left to a foreign country. Being from Cuban decent it was not something lightly to do. Our Parents, Grandparents and many others left Cuba and went to USA for freedom, hope for their future and their children’s future, and to be safe. Now here we are leaving this Beautiful country that represents everything to us and our family to go to who knows where.

God is in charge. So We trust and follow His lead in obedience.

It wasn’t easy, why would you want to leave this freedom and liberty for all, why leave this country that keeps you safe from evil. We cried and yelled and cried and yelled. Yes Cubans talk very LOUDLY, me included. No one understood and many disagreed with our decision. I’m not even sure that Carlos and I understood the extent of this decision at this time. But one thing we knew was what God had called us to do at that time and in that moment.

One of the hardest things was leaving behind our family, Parents,


It wasn’t easy , It’s not easy even now we can say one of the greatest sacrifice for us , for me was leaving the Family, leaving my parents, leaving my sisters.

  1. It is now in 2019 and till today we can say that even the long distance and time not spent together we not only love each other but know this one thing to be true.
  2. “God is In Charge”
  3. So we trust and follow His lead in obedience.

Recipe of the Week: Oatmeal Raisa’s Style:

For many years I have been making this oatmeal breakfast for the short term missions teams that come. They seem to like it alot!

So here are the ingredients and just go and have your Breakfast Oatmeal Raisa’s Style

  • Milk
  • Whipping Cream
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Salt to lift the sweet flavor
  • oats

You put all ingredients in a pot on medium / high heat and stir continually till it gets to the consistency you desire. You will have to taste often to see if there is enough sugar, or salt or even cream.

The Secret is in TASTING! YUM! YUM!


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