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Adventure… For Me!

I’m a Woman and a Daughter of THE ALMIGHTY KING. I’m also a mom, wife and missionary which is all part of my life, story, my being.

Hello My Name is Raisa C. Sanchez I am a full time missionary, mom and wife. If you’re a woman that is looking for encouragement, support or real heart life stories from another woman then come with me through this adventure that God has taken me through. It looks like you are in the right place.

I want to share about:

  • Real life missionary stories and life stories from a Woman’s perspective
  • Exotic and tasty recipes
  • Jungle, rural, day to day life with missionary family
  • Encouragement, joy, laughter and tears to you the reader

I’m a Missionary. Have been for over 28 years and even now I can say that FAITH, TRUST in Jesus for everything is a daily living. Let’s start from the beginning of this adventure.

undefined That’s Me and My Husband Carlos. We were married in 1983 after we gave our entire life and being over to the Lord Jesus Christ. Today we have 6 children and have been serving as missionaries for over 28 years.

Today I still live in a foreign country serving and ministering to the people with love. I have days that I jump for Joy and others that I drag myself just get going, moving. My hope is to inspire you to see beyond the daily ups and downs of life. Be encouraged and go forth with what You are called to do.


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